Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which locations do you service?

A: Site visits predominately East Cost of Australia and all NZ.

Q: I want to book a Freshcare training session.

A: Click on training dates for current training dates and locations, or call if you need one on one and site visit.

Q: What systems do you work with?


  • Farming - Freshcare, SQF, Global Gap, HARPS, SEDEX, Fair Farms, HACCP, ACO, Ausqual Organic Certification, AgSafe.

  • Manufacturing - SQF, SEDEX, Safe Food, HACCP, Ausqual Organic Certification.

Q: How do we book a visit?

A: Call 0412 650 280 or email and we will be in touch within the day.

Q: How to book an audit?

A: Contact us and discuss what you need. We'll recommend the most appropriate certification for your needs.

Q: Can you work with us remotely?

A: Absolutely! We will figure out the best software to enable remote work.

Q: What else do you do?

A: Browse through the website to learn more. Call 0412 650 280 or email if you have any further questions.

Other solutions:

  • System consolidation

  • Arranging analytical testing at NATA approved laboratories (MRL, Micro, Water, NIP, Free From, Soil Sampling)

  • Retainer-based remote services

  • Recruitment of key staff

  • Equipment purchasing and importation

  • Product development

  • Packaging sourcing

  • Retail market studies

  • Business cases

  • Government funding applications

  • Network introductions

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Cost range from hourly to annual retainer fees. All depends on what you need, best to call to discuss the best option.